Welcome to my blog. Four years ago i realized that I was living my life with no ambition, no real goals and worst of all – no real happiness. I sat down and reflected upon the choices I had made to get me in this spot. After a year, I got up, filed a divorce, quit my job and plunged head on into the unknown, firmly determined to take charge of my own destiny! Join me in my Pursuit of happiness ! 



9 thoughts on “Welcome

    • super blogg du har! deilig tanke å kunne være borte hele vinteren…med to unger blir det en del kompromisser, men med tidenes puddervinter på østlandet er jeg likevel fornøyd. Sitter på Gardermoen etter to uker med brettseiling i Texas nå, og reiser til fjells for siste gang denne vinteren til helgen:)
      Jeg har bare blogget i to mndr så jeg føler meg litt usikker ennå, men skal jobbe litt mer med bloggen min fremover:)

      • Herlig:) Bloggeverdenen er fremmed enda og din blogg er den eneste jeg aktivt har leitet opp noensinne! Enjoy siste skihelg for sesongen:)

  1. very inspiring! can you please suggest one starts?? my husband is just learning. what do i need? what do u recommend for beginners?! … a bit lost. and im 41! ( female) mother of 3 ! yikes! help!@ advice?! you have inspired me to try!

    • hi. I wasnt even aware that my old blog was alive anymore! 😀 Please contact me on my facebook or instagram accounts – miriam rasmussen windsurfing and I’ll help you to get started 🙂

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