Slalom training in Stavanger

stn 10 I spent this weekend in Stavanger together with Norways best slalom sailors; Sondre Krey , Kristian Oppedal and his daughter Helle. Sondre is the only Norwegian slalom sailor competing in the PWA at the moment. stn 6 (1 of 1)In gusty winds from 25 to 35 knots an temperatures from 6-11 degrees the sessions were challenging. The purpose of my visit was to sail with the best, in order to improve my skills.

My biggest challenge were the +30 knots winds. I weigh slightly over 60 kilos, and my smallest sail is 6.3. When the gusts hit I got scared, and too much adrenaline gives me pump in my forearms. I have however been sailing several sessions properly overpowered the last weeks, and I notice my tolerance for this is improving.  A 5.5 Aero+ race sail is on its way from Challenger sails as we speak, so 2015 season will be better on days like this! stn 3 These guys totally rule! Its amazing to see the control they maintain even though they are insanely overpowered! My perspective on things changes when I sail with windsurfers this good. stn 5 (1 of 1)Both my trim and my technique changed over the weekend due to the tips I got from these guys. My stance is better, I’ve gained more control over the board during the reaches, and my speed picked up. My new slalom boards from Novenove were different than my old ones, so when I used the old trim, the nose went up too high. After moving the straps, changing the fin, adjusting the mast foot position and my stance they fly!
stn 8 (1 of 1)This is Helle, Kristians 13 year old daughter. She’s one of Norways outstanding young talented windsurfers. Watch this one in the future!

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