høstferie4 (1 of 1)It started out as a weekend at the mens PWA slalom event in Sylt which isn’t that far from Norway. I wanted to check out the action, and meet some of the people I have seen only in pictures.  When my Italian sail sponsor heard I was going to Germany, he invited me to the Windfestival in Diano Marina. “since I was in the neighbourhood”!  The weekend was extended to a full week of driving, sailing and meeting up with excisting sponsors, and potential ones. 4000 kilometres of driving!

høstferie1 (1 of 1) I spent the first two days in Hvide Sande Denmark. 15-25 knots of western winds provides gusty offshore conditions in the Ringkøping fjord. Nice shallow spot, perfect for beginners, or trained windsurfers like myself in need of jibe practice!

høstferie2 (1 of 1) Denmark is really easy to like – it so different from Norway, with its flat, windbeaten landscapes. høstferie5 (1 of 1) Dunebuggy kiting at Römö, I spent the night here as Sylt is ridiculous expensive. The plan is to go there tomorrow morning, and spend one night in the car if I cant find an affordable place to stay.høstferie (1 of 1)Wind Power in Hvide Sande. Two good days with great flat water sailing.

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