Video editing!

I am going to make more videos in the future. Theres just a lot to learn first. This is the first video we have tried to edit ourselves. We used Adobes PremierePro, which seems to be very advanced- just like any other Adobe program we use, its not easy in the beginning, but very satisfying after a while, as the program itselfs accommodates your every wish – no matter what function you need!

This is a clip from our trip to Egypt – theres more to learn, especially about the “filler” shots.  We’re used to shoot photographs, where we look for only the best shots. When you are doing video, you need the ordinary stuff as well, in order to tell the story…. I am sure that we will make it work – sooner or later!

1 thought on “Video editing!

  1. Great stuff Miriam… Im no expert and also going through the learning curve. I love what you did and the use of short clips. If I were to make a suggestion, I would suggest you rotate certain clips, like the plastic cup scene flowing under the sail and what would make it more interesting, I just found out in my last video, is to use some slow motion for small sections like while gybing 🙂

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