Windsurfing at altitude.

This summer has been catastrophic in regards to  good winds in Norway.   Of course not a problem – We just have to drive more than usual to find wind.

For the past weeks the weather systems has produced south to south eastern winds in the area of Norway where I live. South is perfect for my homespot in Drøbak, but south east is difficult and most often comes with rain. 

There is however a hidden jewel deep in the desolate Norwegian mountains that produces great conditions on south eastern directions; Aursjøen in Lesja, about 400 kms from home.


I have spent the last two weekends up here, and my hands can’t hide the fact that it has been very windy indeed!  To hell with femininity, I say! 


Lake Aursjøen is a water reservoir that is drained during the summer to produce renewable hydroelectricity. This makes the surroundings frigid and rocky, and underlines the great contrast this kind of experience represents to the sandy beaches in sunny places. 

I can’t deny that I was pretty scared the first time I went out – winds blowing at 25 knots, temperatures around 7C and big undersea boulders we had to navigate through to get out in open waters! 


Some 30 kms of bumpy gravel road from civilization, we camp in our cars. A big warm campfire is going the whole evening, we eat, drink and tell lies of our amazing feats earlier in the day 🙂


Windsurfing at altitude in Norway is totally different experience! If you want you can call it exotic! 😀


1 thought on “Windsurfing at altitude.

  1. Always on the hunt for wind is part of the job. Think outside of the box and sometimes, you’ll discover a new jewel spot 😉

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